Polypropylene (abbreviated as PP) is an isotactic thermoplastic polymer that has experienced great success in the plastic industry as it is used to produce almost all the plastic objects that we use daily or that surround us (clothing, furniture, car accessories) .

Characterized by an extremely smooth, rigid surface, resistant to shocks and stress breakage, polypropylene is an extremely versatile material depending on the chemical tacticity and has excellent insulating properties in terms of chemical, electrical and water repellent.


Its melting temperature is about 150 ° / 160 ° C. (300 ° F / 320 ° F).
The possibility of being able to be worked in any shape and color has made polypropylene a protagonist also in the furniture industry.

Many companies and giants of modern design have turned their attention to this material, creating both works of considerable prestige and objects of common use, such as tables and chairs, available in large quantities on the market. With the aim of developing a strong practical sense that makes these supplies suitable for outdoor environments even with extreme climates, polypropylene can represent a valid alternative to materials such as wood that over time can manifest degenerative problems.

Easy to clean, light and cheap, polypropylene furniture is in fact the primary choice for those who want practical and versatile
furnishing accessories.

Not everyone knows that polypropylene is now used in the plastics industry for Another characteristic that distinguishes it is its simplicity in being recycled, a very important eco-friendly factor that makes it an indispensable material in any context.

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“The furniture edges can be made according to numerous decorative, which also include numerous varieties of colors, woods, marble or metals”